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Why Profit Power?

"Profit Power" is the most important and powerful Mergers & Acquisitions training of its kind.

This is a 6-week online training program with a group of your peers hosted by one of our premier Profitability Consultants.

At The Profit Centre, we have evaluated over 800 real estate offices throughout North America in the last 12 years and have standardized the metrics of their financials. We have accumulated benchmarks, averages, and best practices and understand the financial and operations metrics of brokerages better than anyone in the industry.

We have taken our extensive research and analysis and formulated a powerful and unique training program that is unmatched in the Real Estate Industry.

First group: Thursday, Oct. 14, 2021 @ 1 pm EST

New sessions launching every month!


What to expect?

At the completion of this training process you will receive the following:

  • Our exclusive and proprietary "Profit Analysis" of your office will provide you with more than a dozen unique and insightful reports, valued at over $2,995.
  • You will be equipped with the absolute clarity necessary in order to define your business and the business opportunities you are investigating.
  • You will be equipped with superior knowledge and insight that will give you the ultimate advantage when pursuing opportunities.

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