About the Program

The Brokerage Profitability Program is an intensive and comprehensive business analysis program for real estate Brokers that creates the foundation and strategies for profitability success. It is facilitated through an online process over a six-month period and is based on The Profit Centre’s proven Profitability Business Model:9LModel

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Brokerage success is often defined by transaction volume alone; however, the return on volume (profit) is a much better indicator of the health of your business. Do you know where your brokerage stands on profitability? Contact us to find out.


In Addition to the Program

You and each of your agents receive 24/7 online access to exclusive Profit Centre reports, business planning tools, training modules and resources which allow you to:

  • create and manage the most comprehensive business plans for you and all of your agents (accessible online and via an App)
  • grow your business by leveraging a powerful Recruiting App
  • access normalized peer comparisons across North America

To support this process, you will have ongoing engagements with The Profit Centre team as follows:

2 x Profitability Consulting Calls The Profit Centre Founder, Peter Mueller, will guide you through the Business Profitability Model steps 1 through 6 to ensure your success (see model above).
Monthly Admin Training Call A Certified Profitability Consultant will call you to answer any questions and keep you accountable to your operational goals, executing your strategies, tracking your results and analyzing your operational reports.
Monthly Recruiting-Focused Call A Certified Profitability Consultant will call you to discuss your recruiting goals, strategies, progress and help you overcome any challenges that you may face.


What Past Graduates Say



Real Results

Program graduates have realized significant business improvements. On average, Brokers guided by The Profit Centre through the Brokerage Profitability Program identified:

  • A net agent count increase of 31.04%
  • A net profit per office increase of 209.43%

What You Measure Gets Improved

Our favourite saying at The Profit Centre is "what you measure gets improved." Many brokerages struggle because they don’t have the means of proper measurement nor can they properly budget for expenses or forecast profit due to all the data subjectivity. By normalizing the data, the Brokerage Profitability Program brings clarity and insight to your business and helps identify areas of challenge and opportunity. Knowing how you compare to peer data helps you see the potential of your operation and with the guidance of your Certified Profitability Consultant, create strategies that are meaningful and quantifiable.


Program Pricing

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Profile of Profitability Success - Greg Koons

“Let’s make this your most profitable year yet!"